We’re here to improve society; person by person

Our Purpose

The world is changing fast – and society is feeling the effects. Though we’re more and more connected, the bonds that could unite us are weakened by inequality.

At Cordant, we want to see a stronger society. A society united by shared opportunities – where everyone can maximise their own potential, find fulfilment, and live meaningful and sustainable lives.

Our Guiding Principles


Prosperity for all

Every person should have equal access to wealth, opportunities, resources to thrive, and the chance to enjoy true prosperity. We’re redistributing wealth to provide people with the tools to enjoy good health, feel secure and reach their potential.


Covenant beyond contracts

Contracts ensure an exchange of value that everyone agrees on. But this isn’t enough – we champion social exchanges that benefit the common good and engage in a social covenant where partnership takes president over transaction.

The story

of Cordant

Founded in 1957, Cordant established itself as a leader in the security services before becoming experts in the delivery of flexible resourcing solutions to meet the changing needs of clients. The business grew, and we began offering other services: multi-sector recruitment, healthcare and cleaning.

Sixty years later, and we employ around 125,000 staff each year who work on behalf of over 5,000 client organisations across a broad and diverse range of specialisms.