Al Mennie is a Big Wave Surfer, Paddleboarder, Ocean Explorer, Author, Adventurer and 3rd degree black belt. We recently caught up with Al Mennie to discuss mental health and recruitment advice. If you missed the first part to our Q&A, make sure to check it out here. We covered the importance of mental health, the power of nature and how to cope with stress in an ever-changing environment.

Al Mennie talks recruitment tips and advice

Q: Many of our network are entering employment for the first time since completing their education. What advice would you give to those suffering from a lack of confidence for interviews?

A: Confidence is built through experience and education. It is normal to feel uneasy about doing something new, especially if we hinge our happiness and financial security upon it. However, we can control it to a degree if we have studied and worked hard to be the best we can be, before taking the next step. Giving your all can bring a reassurance that you have prepared as best as you can and increases confidence.

We all know people who didn’t work very hard in university, but still got a degree. The difference is, the depth of their knowledge and confidence is probably somewhat lesser than those who really studied the details and can confidently answer questions and solve problems with it.

Q: If you could offer one tip to those suffering from work-related stress, what would that be?

A: Sit down with a pen and paper and write. Get it out on paper, establish what is important to your life and make a structured plan for removing elements of your life that you don’t want and for adding elements that you do. This may be a process that takes a few months or many years depending on the person, their situation, commitments and desires. But, we go nowhere without knowing where we want to go, what baggage we want to carry and what we want to leave behind.

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A huge thank you to Al Mennie for talking to us here at Cordant Group and Premiere People.