In support of Anti-Slavery Day that took place on 18th October, Cordant has donated £10,000 to Unseen UK to help them with their efforts to abolish modern slavery.

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt across all industries; however, it has hit charities hard.

Andrew Wallis OBE, Unseen CEO said: “As a result of the pandemic Unseen has lost huge amounts of funding. Services that give survivors a semblance of normality have been impacted and now more than ever we need support.

“We are delighted to partner with Cordant and are extremely grateful for their recent donation. It’s only through partnerships such as this that Unseen can effectively tackle modern slavery”.

In 2019 Cordant hosted a corporate golf tournament, and colleagues from across the business took part in “Jump for Unseen” – a skydiving fundraiser arranged by the charity. Following a recent collection of outstanding auction money from both events, Cordant has raised an extra £5,000, which the business has matched, bringing the total donation amount to £10,000.

Jamie Reynolds, CEO, Cordant Group said: “For the last 3 years Cordant has been proud to partner with Unseen to raise awareness of modern slavery in high volume recruitment. This year has been particularly challenging for the charity and we hope this donation will support them in continuing their amazing work”.

The number of people in the UK that have escaped modern slavery is growing rapidly. Newly published figures reveal that in 2019, 10,627 people were referred into the UK framework for identifying victims of human trafficking.

Cordant established a relationship with Unseen UK in 2017 with a commitment to support their campaign to abolish modern slavery. Since then Cordant has raised over £30,000 and undertaken a number of fundraising activities to raise awareness within the high-volume recruitment world, as well as sectors such as food manufacturing, e-commerce and retail.

Despite the huge squeeze on income brought on by pandemic, Unseen is still supporting survivors in their safehouses and through outreach services. Find out more about the pressure COVID-19 has put on Unseen here:

Find out more about Cordant and Unseen’s partnership here