Rhinos are strong animals with the endurance to break down the barriers to get what, and where they want. The Rhino has a thick skin and accepts criticism but remains determined – charging toward new goals and challenges, enjoying the excitement of success. A Rhino keeps going until they hit their target… and never follows ‘the herd’… unlike a Cow for instance. A Rhino does not live like a Cow!

A Cow just follows the herd… standing contently in its field sleeping, munching on grass and watching the world pass them by. A Cow’s life is the same day in and day out… and the Cow loves that… hanging out with mates, within there comfort zone.

So, are you a Cow, or are you a Rhino?

If you’re a sucker for the snooze button, love lazy days and snacking, if you work to pay the bills rather than to make a difference, then you’re probably a Cow. And there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s who you are – people have different priorities and focuses – we’re not all the same.

But, maybe you’re a Rhino, or a Rhino in the making? Do you wake up in a morning full of energy – ready to face the day? Is your head full of ideas and positivity? Are you inspired by others and hungry to learn, explore and experience more? Are you a go-getter and goal setter?

Take charge reader… and let them eat your dust!