The unsung heroes in our IT team are revolutionising how we use technology and data to do things differently, allowing us to be more flexible and accelerate ongoing business transformation.

When businesses were impacted by Coronavirus most had to rush to adapt to remote working; quickly arming their workforce with the tools and systems to maintain business continuity and productivity. Cordant already had a future proofed infrastructure. We already used platforms which gave colleagues the ability to be agile and mobile with limited disruption to their day to day.

Migrating our branches into a virtual world generated the highest levels of activity we’ve seen in months. In a two week period almost 73,000 job seekers logged into our onboarding app with ambitions of seeking out a new role. What was once and almost two hours spent in branch filling in paperwork has been reduced to 30 minutes.

Technology has allowed us to thrive and inspired us to push the boundaries;

  • Our CRM allows us to track the candidate journey, delivering rich touchpoint data for continuous improvement.
  • We can extract CV data and store protected records by skill set, allowing us to match candidates to roles in new industries as well as in their area of expertise.
  • Our recruiters are armed with the tools to connect with candidates in real time – speeding up the hiring and placement of job seekers.
  • Productivity is boosted within our teams, as they focus on engaging with the consumer, and attracting new talent, rather than monotonous manual processes.
  • Scheduling, timesheeting and payment calculations are now automated meaning the worker, and the client, have an accurate contribution record.
  • Ongoing developments will soon allow for temps and casual workers to select shifts and ‘gigs’ to suit them, their lifestyle, and personal circumstances.
  • Client portals will revolutionise the sharing of MI, by sharing transparent data, billing, worker trends and insights, as well as automated timesheet approval and headcount booking.
  • Chatbot automation has boosted the job search processes, helping people find and apply for local jobs quicker than ever before.
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    At Cordant our data strategy is key to understanding our clients and candidates, but above all, it influences the direction we take in driving company-wide growth and transformation. Data enriches understanding allowing organisations to react to changing conditions and respond to new opportunities… and this couldn’t be more true for Cordant.

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