How is your job seeker branding? Are you selling yourself to the companies you dream of working for? What steps can you take to accomplish this? Here are our 3 easy steps for maximum self-promotion.

1. Step one – create a strong personal profile.

To start the process of applying for a new job you need to write a professional CV to let recruiters and employers know that you have the specific experience, skills, and qualifications that they’re looking for. A CV is your primary marketing document so it must be professional and represent you in the best way possible. You will need to include:

– A concise and chronological list of your previous positions (for the last ten years)

– Education and qualifications

– Skills and abilities

Next, you need to craft a powerful statement summarising key benefits that you can bring to your future employer as well as any specific career goals.

Key point: Keep your CV and personal statement to 2 sides of A4 – be clear, concise and make it easy for recruiters and employers to read.

2. Step two – make yourself better than the competition.

What makes you stand out from others? This is the key question you have to answer. It is no good listing a number of skills or qualities – everyone can be creative, innovative or work as a team. Give real examples and the results that came from this. Employers want to see evidence of skills and abilities so this is your time to show off!

Key point: Be original in your thinking and focus on your strengths to demonstrate why you should be chosen over someone else.

3. Step three – utilise your social media account.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can search for potential employers and where they can read up on you. You should use LinkedIn as an online CV; a platform where you can detail all of your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. Remember, this is a professional platform, and different to Facebook and Twitter, so use it appropriately.

Key point: Network and be active on LinkedIn! Make sure your profile is up to date, share relevant content relating to the fields and industries you are interested in and gather recommendations from people you have worked with.

In the digital age, by branding yourself and combining it with efficient networking strategies, you’ll rank yourself higher in the job market.