A recent study found that more than half of employees (52%) have lost their temper at work. So what can we do to ensure that our emotions don’t end up impacting our career?

Here are some hints and tips to manage negative emotions at work.

Maintain a good work-life balance

We all need a break from the day job; so don’t take work home with you. Decide what work-life balance means to you, so you’ll know when and why you feel unbalanced and how to fix it.

Don’t be interrupted at work

Reducing interruptions and staying focused at work really can help control your emotions. Keep your personal life out of the office and enjoy doing your job whilst you’re in the zone.

Use music to destress

Listening to music is a common way to manage stress and emotions. Playing your favourite album in the car or listening to your playlist on the bus will gear you up for the day ahead, or alleviate your frustration on your commute home.

Always remember your goal

Rather than getting angry or disengaging at work, remind yourself what it is you’re trying to achieve. Stay focused on the end goal and your personal emotions at work will be overwhelmed by your passion to achieve it.

Talk to someone about your problems

When you are faced with an issue at work, talking to a close colleague, friend or family member should help relieve the pressure. If there’s no one suitable to talk to, or you think it is too difficult to solve alone, speak to a professional – visit your GP or reach out to charities like the Samaritans. Often when we remove ourselves from the situation and talk through a problem the solution becomes easier to see.

It’s essential to be aware of your own emotional response to co-workers and senior colleagues. If you can’t ditch the negative emotions, use our tips to handle it professionally.