Each employee within a business contributes towards its overall function. It’s easy for employees in large companies to convince themselves that they are ‘just a cog in a machine’, not realising their potential and understanding the role they play.

Training and upskilling your workforce allows employees to understand how their work fits into the overall picture and allows them to find a career path instead of working just to make a living.

In many service industries the only preparation for promotion is being good in the job you are already in. Training is then more ‘on the job’ where people learn only from their mistakes which can sometimes be costly for the business and their client.

Cordant Security have launched Cordant STAMP (Security Training Accredited Management Program). A 2 year course aimed at first line managers preparing them for more senior roles.

It involves various activities including quarterly residential learning combined with project work to put learning into practice.

We also assign mentors from our senior management team with each candidate to guide them through the process and provide any support they may need along the way.

Motivated leadership is a vital component in providing a market leading security provision. We’ve found the benefits of this program to be significant.

  • It allows our employees to develop their career path
  • Provides us with highly skilled individuals with added motivation
  • Shows clear paths of progression for new recruits
  • Improves employee retention through increased morale
  • Improves performance through increased motivation

This type of training is a clear investment that shows our employees we really value their contribution to the business. We want them to progress in their chosen career paths as ultimately it benefits them, our business and our clients.