Cordant Technical takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously and we help our clients to improve their contribution to it as well, by actively promoting newer, greener and more efficient options.

We keep sustainability from the products and services we provide at the forefront of our mind to ensure our clients receive the cleanest and most efficient solutions.

Educating ourselves with the latest technologies and energy saving methods means we can always offer environmentally savvy solutions to our clients. Our work with Living Ventures epitomises this approach as 20% of the power used in these restaurants is renewable energy. Through the use of innovative excess kitchen heating conversions, we were able to offer LV free heating in their restaurants to help cut costs and help the environment.

Maintenance also plays a big part in keeping systems as environmentally friendly as possible. We promise to provide our clients with the latest information regarding current laws and legislation surrounding their specific products and services.

Most studies have linked IAQ (indoor air quality) problems are related to HVAC systems with inadequate air flow, poor maintenance, and insufficient outside air flor. It is important that HVAC systems are well maintained to avoid any IAQ problems that a building may experience.

As well as IAQ problems, faulty HVAC systems have been linked to ozone depletion, especially if the system uses CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) or HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerants. It is important that we install the correct systems and maintain them to minimise our contribution to ozone depletion.