Since the Cordant Group announced the transformation into becoming a social enterprise in October 2017 the businesses within the group have been looking into ways to create the most positive social impact possible.

Cordant Cleaning has taken steps to review its supply chain to seek out partners with a social and eco friendly mission. Holchem are now Cordant Cleaning’s new cleaning chemical supplier providing their new ‘Holistic Green Range’ eco-friendly chemicals.

The Range

The range aims to significantly reduce its overall impact on the environment by taking into account detergent use concentration, water consumption and even Chemical miles. Many of the raw materials used are sourced within a 30 mile radius.

EU Ecolabel

The Holistic Green range holds the EU Ecolabel, a recognised accreditation throughout Europe awarded to products of the highest environmental and performance status.

To be awarded with Eco Label status, the Holistic Green range was put through rigorous testing to demonstrate it is just as effective at cleaning as non eco friendly products.

The Benefits

Products in the Holistic Green Range have:

  • Low impact on aquatic life.
  • Reduced use of hazardous raw material substances.
  • Low packaging waste.
  • Efficient cost on use formulations
  • Cleaning performance that has been independently assessed against market leading non-Ecolabel products.

We will continue to carry out reviews across the business to ensure we are continuing to contribute to our social mission to positively impact our employees lives, the communities they work in and the people they work with.