February 17th 2018 was Random Acts of Kindness Day… a day for spontaneously carrying out a considerate action to improve the life of someone, even if just for a moment.

In January 2018 we partnered with modern slavery charity Unseen, making them charity of choice for fundraising throughout the year. It therefore only made sense that on this most courteous of days we focused on helping the survivors referred to their shelters.

Teams were asked to fill shoeboxes with essential items to gift survivors of modern slavery when they first arrive at the shelters.

The response was phenomenal with colleagues, and clients, from across the UK taking part, donating items from toothpaste to wooly hats, hot chocolate to blankets.

All together almost 400 boxes, and bags were collected, with goods equating to approximately £8,000 being hand delivered to the very grateful team at Unseen on Friday the 16th February.

Hannah Young, Head of Fundraising, said; “We cannot believe the generosity and kindness of everyone at PMP. In just a couple of weeks you have collected enough packs to last our safe houses over 4 years!

“From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much. These gifts will ensure survivors of slavery are welcomed into freedom and can begin their new life”.

There are predicted to be over 13,000 cases of modern slavery in the UK however, more recent reports suggest 20 times that volume. In 2018 PMP are partnering with Unseen to help educate the public, support the survivors and eradicate all cases of modern slavery in the UK.

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