Paper based reporting is a thing of the past. With smartphones in every pocket and laptops on every desk the ability to really digitalise this process is ready and waiting.

That’s why Cordant Cleaning have invested in a state of the art system that brings auditing to life called the Cordant Audit & Reporting system (CAR).

Audits can now be carried out by members of the team on smart phones, tablets or laptops. The system allows management to feedback what they see on site instantly and upload it to the system. It supports the use of images and video to give detailed visualisations of the audit for review later.

Once all this data is captured it’s displayed on an interactive dashboard accessible by Cordant Cleaning management and the client. The dashboard shows results in real-time allowing our clients to see the performance of the cleaning team right this very second adding real transparency to the work we do.

The system supports daily, weekly and monthly reporting giving our clients the results our clients need in whichever time format they like bringing flexibility to service reviews.

If that wasn’t enough the CAR system has the ability to provide customer and employee satisfaction surveys. Clients can give regular feedback which can be reviewed by management allowing for consistent improvement throughout the contract.

Employees can feedback anonymously giving us and the client valuable information on where we can improve and find solutions to the issues our employees may face; leading to improved efficiency but most importantly happy staff.

All these aspects drive improvements throughout our business and deliver real benefits to the clients we work with.

If you’d like to find out more about the CAR system or Cordant Cleaning please contact us by emailing