It’s National Environment Day! What does that mean exactly I hear you ask? Well, It’s a day of awareness – a day to put the environment at the forefront of the global agenda and acknowledge its importance.

There is nothing more important than sustaining our planet and making it a better place for current and future generations. Regardless of your job title and industry, this is something that concerns everyone and we all should use today to take the opportunity to reflect on our roles, seeking new ways to enhance our awareness of environmental issues.

So, why should we champion jobs in the environment sector?

On a global scale, environmental awareness is ever increasing in the eyes of large corporations – which is awesome. As well as this, new talent is constantly being attracted to the environmental sector due to the diverse and exciting career paths that are continually emerging. These are the jobs that are helping to save our planet, so it’s important to recognise their contribution.

Well then, what are some of these jobs?

In short, jobs in air quality, conservation and general sustainability. If you are working in this sector in any way then props to you!

Even if you feel your role is small, collectively with your industry peers, you are working towards a much bigger and incredibly important goal – Making this world a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place to live and work.

Forging a career in areas such as these as well as sectors like renewable energy can not only be incredibly rewarding, but also very lucrative. Working in these areas, in roles big or small, ensures that we as a planet are fulfilling our energy needs whilst simultaneously preserving our environment.